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Our Services

Photo Package:

You can decide if you want a photo package on the boat the day of your tour with. The photo package is $75 per person and includes multiple professional underwater edited photos of you and photos of the sharks, from our photographer on board that day. Photos take 5-7 days to be sent. The photographers will send the photos using a Dropbox link. 

Cancelation Policy:

If the customer cancels their tip 48 hours before the trip time we will proceed with a full refund. Customers must reach us via phone call, text, or email. 


If there is a cancelation due to bad weather we can either give a full refund or reschedule the trip to another day. 

Note: If the trip does not have a minimum of 3 people by the time we plan to go we will reschedule your trip to a time that has more people.

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