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Conservation Education

The Ocean Needs Our Help 

Join us on our monthly beach cleanups with 4Ocean in an effort to help keep Hawaii beautiful and healthy! Learn more about our cleanups below.

North Pacific Large Whale Entanglement Network

If you are on the water frequently for pleasure or work, a good way to help the Hawaiian population of humpbacks is to learn how to properly document and report entangled whales. Anyone can complete the online course to become a level 1 responder for the NOAA North Pacific Large Whale Entanglement Network. 

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Sign a Petition ~ Make your voice be heard

Petitions are great ways to help make change on a higher level because they can be the catalysts for new laws and regulations that help protect the ocean and environment.


Here are some relevant petitions that we feel strongly about

Click, sign, and make a difference!

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End Shark Tournaments


Tell the EPA: Don’t Let Big Plastic Trash our Oceans

sfin soup.jpg

Ban Shark FIn Soup in Singapore


All Good Reef-Safe Sunblock

4 Ocean Affiliate

4ocean Affiliate

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