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Meet The Team

surfing shark diving videographer
Timmy Vitella
Professional Underwater Videographer and Shark Safety Diver 

-Timmy specializes as a videographer, colorist, and editor.He attended California Maritime Academy and then transfered to UH Manoa to pursue videography. Timmy is also a professional skimboarder (4 times world champion)! 

- " I am passionate about anything ocean related, whether its surfing, filming, swimming with sharks. I grew up spending most of my time in the ocean, so its definitely a place where i feel most at home. I love this job because it allows me to connect with people and show them how much the ocean has to offer. I think it is so important to spread awareness about ocean/shark conservation. My favorite part is seeing customers perspectives change from the beginning to the end of our tours. I could not be more thankful to call the ocean my office and work towards bettering our marine ecosystems!"
shark diving ohau haleiwa
Zack Andrew 


Zack has a passion for all things aquatic - he is a PADI Dive Master, a USCG Captain, and has a degree in marine science. 
“I have spent my life pursuing careers where I can be in, on, or around the water everyday. I love having a job where I can spend each day sharing my passion for the ocean with those around me. Being the captain gives me the chance to really ensure that each and every customer has the most comfortable, wonderful, & safe interaction with the ocean. I pride myself on my ability to give an amazing experience for people of all experience levels - from shark enthusiasts all the way down to people that have never even seen the ocean!”
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