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Meet The Team

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Timmy Vitella
Professional Underwater Videographer and Shark Safety Diver 

-Timmy specializes as a videographer, colorist, and editor.He attended California Maritime Academy and then transfered to UH Manoa to pursue videography. Timmy is also a professional skimboarder (4 times world champion)! 

- " I am passionate about anything ocean related, whether its surfing, filming, swimming with sharks. I grew up spending most of my time in the ocean, so its definitely a place where i feel most at home. I love this job because it allows me to connect with people and show them how much the ocean has to offer. I think it is so important to spread awareness about ocean/shark conservation. My favorite part is seeing customers perspectives change from the beginning to the end of our tours. I could not be more thankful to call the ocean my office and work towards bettering our marine ecosystems!"
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