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Top-Rated Hawaii Eco-Tour

 Hawaii's famous Shark Diving, Whale Watches, Educational Snorkel Tours, and Private Sunset Cruises.


Deep Blue Eco Tours is committed to creating an educational and fun experience about the wonders of marine life & the importance of ocean conservation. 


Choose from an array of once-in-a-lifetime experiences:


1. Snorkel with sharks Eco Tour (open water, no cage)- 1hr 45min ($150 a person)


2. Private Whale Watching Eco Tour-2hrs ($400)


3. Hawaii Snorkel Experience Eco-Tour- 2hrs ($400-$500)


4. Sunset Luxury Cruise- 2hrs ($400)



Mission Statement:


Here at Deep Blue Eco Tours, our mission is to give people an experience of a lifetime on the ocean. We strive to share our ocean experiences, and the moments with the wildlife that we encounter in a respectful, safe, and educational manner.


We understand that Deep Blue Eco Tours is a platform for ocean conservation and a catalyst for conversation about the importance of marine life in Hawaii and all around the world. We focus on giving people an experience that will leave a lasting impression and hopefully give them the motivation to help save the ocean. Being a small boat tour operator, we offer an intimate and personal experience where our crew of knowledgeable Marine Biologists can share knowledge relating your experience to important conservation efforts that individuals can participate in their everyday lives. We emphasize respect for the ocean and the people around it, especially in Hawaii where negligent tourism can have a negative impact on the health of the coastline and native people. We believe that sharing our ocean experience with you will give a newfound or strengthened love, respect, and knowledge about the ocean and how to help save it. 


Photo Packages:


 To receive photos you can choose on the boat with the photographer. Photo packages are $75 per person and include a professional underwater edited photos package from our professional photographers on board that day.

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